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Quinn Aerospace Inc.

Pressure Foil Propulsion



In 1987, we began the search for an alternate method of propulsion for automobiles, boats, ships, trains, and aircraft, using the concept of “Pressure Foiling” as described in U.S. Patent 5,328,333. We have designed, made, and tested hundreds of physical (and virtual) pressure-foil models. From those test results we demonstrated that the method of pressure-foil force generation is better than present-day methods of generating force. 


Today we continue to improve on our force production devices, and work toward our first product line: a two-passenger-tandem-amphibious-vehicle that uses pressure-foiling as its primary method of propulsion. This new vehicle can travel on roads, snow, ice, and water.  We estimate the release of our Tandem Amphibious Vehicles in the 4th Quarter of 2025.

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